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Toyota Land Cruiser 1980

The Land Cruiser manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, has its history buried in the 1950s. The American Army put in a request for 4-wheel drive vehicles to be used by the soldiers and military police. Toyota took up a tender for a vehicle for the Japanese National Police Reserve Force and by 1951 the BJ prototype was ready. It was called the 'Toyota Jeep'. It came with a 2.2 liter, 4-cylinder L-head engine and had a part time four wheel drive system. The NPA later adopted the BJ as their official patrol car. In 1954, after objections from Willys, the manufacturers of the Jeep, the Land Cruiser name emerged. In 1958, the Land Cruiser 25 series was launched that came with a 3.8 liter, 6-cylinder F engine. From the year 1961 through 1984, the 40 series of Land Cruiser did its rounds. It was the classic Land Cruiser. The earlier Cruiser came equipped with a 3-speed transmission; however by 1974 a 4-speed transmission was available. The FJ60 was launched in 1980. It was loaded with comforts such as front disc brakes, air conditioning, rear heater, and improved interior. The engine of the FJ60 was either the 2F gasoline variant or the 3B diesel variant. The FJ60 was popular even in Africa and Australia, mainly due to its reliability. The Land Cruiser is still in production with the latest version, the Land Cruiser KX/KXR, being launched in 2005. The KX was aimed at the professional market while the KXR was targeted at the off-road vehicle segment.